sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2015

Mr. Bunny

Mr. Bunny was trapped inside a wall and he couldn’t get out. But it wasn’t just some regular wall. You see, it was a wall inside of a beautiful Castle. So Mr. Bunny frequently saw himself as part of the royalty. 
He was a white bunny with rounded glasses, frankly too big for his small head, which he insisted on using saying they gave him an ‘’intellectual touch’’. He had two big front teeth that completed the look.  
Sadly, being trapped inside a wall can’t do much for you, he thought, and he sat on his glasses watching the world as it unveiled before his eyes. He felt so sad because he passed unnoticed through the eyes of so many people who came to visit the wall of his Castle. Oh well, he hadn’t certainly bought it but if he lived there all his life it had to be kind of his Castle, don’t you think? 
If only someone would look at him for a slight second and realize he was there, he was alive inside that wall! He felt like shouting but he couldn’t, he was trapped. As much as he loved his own private wall inside his own castle he couldn’t help but feel sad when he thought about the world out there and all the marvelous adventures waiting for him to live. He felt like a prisoner and he wanted to get out because living in your own world prevents you from seeing the worlds around you, you see? 
Every single day Mr. Bunny longed for that one look that would save him and he imagined what he would do when it happened. He felt like he was a smart bunny and that made him sure he could do whatever he wanted and be whoever he wanted to be. The world was so full of options!  
And one day, it happened. Mr. Bunny’s’ wish came true and on a sunny winter morning a smart little girl like smart Mr. Bunny looked at him and saw him! And the most unexpected thing happened!  
Mr. Bunny suddenly realized that he couldn’t get out.  He couldn’t walk away from the wall because it was his home. And he wasn’t sad to find that out. He knew that he would get to live the adventures he dreamed of, that he would imagine them and perpetuate them through spoken word. And he felt more alive than ever because he knew he had made and unforgettable mark on that little girl’s life. He knew that the little girl saw him and that she would keep him alive. She would tell about Mr. Bunny to her children, she would grow up and grow old and keep him in her memory. She would imagine Mr. Bunny living the adventures he would never live for himself and she would write them. She would write those adventures, she would write about that curious little white bunny she saw, with rounded glasses and two big front teeth and think “What an intellectual touch he had.”

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